The other day, I had the pleasure of finally catching high tide at Thor’s Well in Cape Perpetua, Oregon with three good buddies and great photographers: Matt Kloskowski, Rick LePage and Hudson Henry. Matt and I made an attempt to photograph Thor’s Well a few years ago, which ended up being a big bust. On this second attempt, I thought we were going to repeat our bad luck. After undershooting our parking location, Matt took a pretty gnarly tumble after jumping a chasm (the alternative would have been falling in, which would have been severely worse).
Thankfully, Matt mustered up all of his hobbling strength and we managed to get to Thor’s Well with more than enough time and light to experiment with different vantage points and focal lengths. I took this particular photo from the same location that Hudson was at just prior. He was using a 24mm lens so I opted to go as wide as I could with my 17mm T/S lens to try and get some variety with the hopes of illustrating just how powerful the waves in this area can be.
I’m already itching to go back and am just finding a good day when high tide matches up with sunset again.