My initial reaction to finding out that I’d be climbing to the top of the Sydney Harbor Bridge in Australia was that of pure delight. It was quickly followed by the wrath of a thousand hot flames when I was told that cameras were pretty much strictly forbidden. And then a calm wave of happy happy joy joy swathed over me like a favorite blanket when I was told that we had media passes secured, allowing each of us in our Topdeck Travel group to bring any one camera body and lens. For safety’s sake, there were always at least two points of contact between the camera and the photographer and there was more than enough slack in the lines for a full range of motion.

Finding a cool, compelling angle wasn’t too difficult given the awesome view that you have this high above traffic. If any of you ever played Half Life 2 (probably the greatest game series on the planet), just think back to that level when you have to navigate across that giant bridge and you’ll know exactly what this felt like.

Keeping the camera steady enough to capture the motion of the traffic was another thing altogether. I was really thankful to have the foresight to attach my Formatt-Hitech 105mm circular polarizer on my lens on my Sony A7, which gave me about 2-stops of light loss. That, coupled with a really small aperture, gave me the shutter speed I needed to get motion in the traffic. This single exposure image was edited with a harmonious blend of Nik Analog Efex Pro and the sadly discontinued FocalPoint 2 by onOne Software.

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