Well, today marks four weeks since I had left the Bay Area for a whirlwind trip to Tokyo and all around Australia. During that time, I was able to meet up with some great old friends and take on some fantastic new ones. I even got to give a big hug to Gretchen Chappelle, a wonderful and artistic soul who I’ve known for a few years here on Google+ and was finally able to HIRL. I had the fortune of visiting some remarkable locations and even got to witness some of them under extremely rare circumstances. In all, it truly has been a memorable month and I sincerely want to thank Lauren Bath, Matt Glastonbury and the wonderful folks at Topdeck Travel for putting on such a great time. But now, I’m ready to kick off the 14 hour flight back home and see my family, get reconnected with my colleagues, and prep for the move back to Portland.

I hope you guys enjoyed the photos that were shared along the way. I promise there are plenty more to come! Now bring on the faster bandwidth – papa needs some fast intarweb speedz!