Yesterday afternoon, the we landed at Connellan Airport near Yulara. We’re spending the next few days out in the bush, exploring Uluru (also known as Ayers Rock), Alice Springs, and other points within Australia’s vast Northern Territory outback. After getting settled into our rooms, we made our way to a particular lookout that is supposed to provide a great vantage point for sunset. Because the people who run the national park that Uluru is in have such stringent restrictions around where we can and can’t photograph, or even what we can or can’t photograph, we were limited to a relatively small swath of land to set up. By the time sunset rolled around, the entire place was teeming with other visitors, all clamoring to stake a place in the ground from where to nab their own photographic memories.

As you can see in this photo, there wasn’t much of a sunset to speak of. We did have some very impressive clouds roll through. One particular cloud even hugged the top of Uluru (as you can see), which was a welcome addition.

The goal for today is to get on the bus at 5AM with hopes of being the very first vehicles at the park gate when it opens. This will give us the best chance of finding primo spots for sunrise. Not much sleep lately, but thankfully there are photos that all make up for it!