While on our Topdeck Travel shuttle coach yesterday, as we were en route to Sydney, we drove through a wooded area that was dense with fog. Everyone on the shuttle immediately began clamoring to pull the shuttle over so that we could capture the atmospheric beauty on either side of the road. Thankfully, our wonderful drive, Lee, obliged us with 20 minutes of frantic run all through the road photography time.

This was one of my favorite photos from the mini shoot. I spied this path from the bus and knew that it would be the first place I would run to. I love how much impact something as fleeting as fog can have on an image. It’s nature’s layer maker.

In any case, I was really glad to meet William Patino in person over breakfast. He’s a really killer photographer who I certainly recommend circling. Other than that, we’re now off to a crazy zoo visit, a climb up the Sydney Harbor Bridge, and a sunset shoot at Bondi Beach today. Hope you’re all enjoying your Fridays or Saturdays!