This morning, the lot of us woke up nice ‘n early and beelined it to Tallow Beach in Byron Bay, NSW to capture what turned out to be quite a beautiful sunrise. Plenty of clouds and some crashing waves added to the overall scene quite nicely. Initially, Lauren Bath and I had our focus on a lovely piece of driftwood that we (well, mostly Lauren) dragged down to the shore.

After spending about 15 minutes with it, I noticed this fisherman and his mate (who I masked out) make his way right out into the water, standing on some rocks that were jutting out. At first, I was bummed that I didn’t have a longer lens (the longest one I have is Nicole S. Young‘s Canon 70-200mm f/4IS mounted on my Sony A7) but ultimately, it ended up working out nicely. I love how diminutive the fisherman looks in the frame, really adding gravitas to the enormity of the surrounding nature.

I edited this photo earlier today during some much needed free time from our excellent itinerary put together by Topdeck Travel.  I did most of the editing in Nik Analog Efex Pro and finished it up in Lightroom.

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