How many of you can relate to me here? Imagine standing at the base of this giant ferris wheel in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Your knee jerk instinct is to get the entire bloody thing in the frame. It’s something that you. must. do. So you do, then you chimp the shot, and realize that it is just so boring. There’s just too much there and the whole frame is a hot mess.

So, instead, I opted to toss on the Sony 24-70mm lens on my Sony A7 with a Formatt-Hitech 3-stop IRND filter to drag the shutter. By tossing out the notion of having to fit it all in, I was free to get creative and compose in more unorthodox, yet visually appealing, ways. As soon as I saw this frame, I knew I had what I wanted and it was all because I abandoned convention.

Today, we’re at Australia’s Gold Coast with Topdeck Travel. Once I’m done with this post, I’ll head out into the blazing sun and the missing bits of ozone to nab some photos of this gorgeous tourist destination. Hooroo!

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