On one of my last nights in Tokyo, Trey Ratcliff and I beelined it to the famously chaotic Shibuya Station intersection. I had visited this area a few days prior, mid-afternoon with Mark Louie, and can honestly say that you must visit this area at night. It immediately reminded me of Times Square, except with way more neon and people. What was also so cool to see was the dizzying array of pedestrian crosswalks going in all sorts of directions.

I took a bunch of 2.5″ exposures with my Sony A7 and my precious Really Right Stuff tripod. during every crossing session, trying to capture the throngs of people swarming through, like schools of fish. After that, I took a quick bracket series for the background and blended it all together. Normally, I’d remove a lot of the CA from the image but in this case, I actually really dig the way it lends itself to the look. The actual stylization was achieved using Nik Analog Efex Pro.

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