Late last night, Matt Glastonbury and I ventured out to photograph the stars. Satellite imagery gave us a good indication that we may be able to see the aurora australis (aka the southern lights). So, we headed out to a gorgeous vista that Matt and Francois Fourie took me to earlier this week. Alas, what we thought was an aurora glow turned out to be atmospheric air glow according to Francois (Matt disagrees on this).

Still, we had a perfectly clear sky filled with stars and a beautiful showing of our Milky Way galaxy. It was the perfect opportunity to test the Timelapse app that Sony recently released through their Play Memories app (it costs $10). I took a few test shots to get my focus, exposure and framing locked in. Once I did, I took about 47 exposures with my Sony A7 & Canon 14mm/f2.8 lens at f/2.8, 30 seconds each, ISO 1250 (no noise reduction was needed at all) and with a 2 second interval in between frames. I pressed the button on my Sony cable release and the camera went to town. I just sat back and enjoyed the view.

When I got back to my computer, I loaded the 47 exposures into a wonderful app called StarStax. The app created this composited image in 32 seconds flat. Too easy. From there, I edited using Lightroom’s Develop module and the rest is as you see here.

In a few days, I’ll be visiting Uluru and am crossing every finger for clear skies. I can only image what sort of star trails can be had with this historical rock in my foreground.

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