If there is a singular theme that I would tack onto my experience in Tokyo thus far, it’d be motion. The Japanese people here have a fluidity and cadence that is mesmerizing. I’ve made it my unofficial project to capture this fluidity and share it here.

I am joined my MTV colleague, Mark Louie, who had the great idea of taking advantage of us being awake at an obscenely early time and tour around Shibuya and Shinjuku, hence this photo.

I took this photo with my Sony A7 and the Sony FE 24-70. I transferred the full res jpeg via WiFi to my Nexus 5 and stylized it using VSCO for Android. This truly is where we’re going, friends. I’ve said it before, this workflow is exceptionally viable for the bulk of my image taking/editing/sharing purposes and if it helps me get a cool image out to you folks sooner, then even better. If you have any questions/concerns re: this workflow, I’d love to know. So would Aravind Krishnaswamy and John Nack.