The last location that Chris Lazzery, Moe Chen and I visited as our epic desert adventure came to a close was the Lost Dutchman State Park near Phoenix. As dusk would approach on each day of the trip, the sky looked like a sunset would be a bust but then it would erupt in a fiesta of colors and textures. On this evening, the low hanging sun backlit these cacti and bathed them in this a gorgeous, warm glow.

In light of yesterday’s awesome new update to the Google+ Android app, with its redesigned editing tools, I thought it’d be appropriate to send this image through our editor. I know that the kneejerk school of thought is that these editing tools are only good for mobile phone images but they do a helluva job on RAW files, as well. This was taken with my Sony A7, Canon 24-70 lens and a 10-stop ND filter.