In terms of general city walkability, I’d say that Berlin ranks way up there for me. I had a wonderful time cutting up and down random streets, taking in the history, variety and beauty of the city’s architecture. From the area that I was exploring, The Fernsehturm was always easily visible. In fact, I played a game with myself to try and find the most compelling ways to frame the famed radio tower within my immediate surroundings. Once I came upon this street corner, with its colorful arrangement of building facades on the left and the tree branches on the right, I had found my photo. I like the way I was able to cradle the tower in between these two foreground elements while keeping it off-center.

For now, I’m visiting our Google Nik office in Lübeck but I’m really excited to roam around Hamburg in a few days before flying back home. I have to say – I am really hooked on Germany.

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