Aside from the mild jet lag, I had such a fantastic day meandering around Berlin. This being my first time in Germany (first of many to come as it would seem), I decided to give myself a couple of extra days to explore. It’s hard to put into words just how wonderful Berlin is and I really admire the detail, respect and care that the German people have put into the extensive memorials, monuments and tributes that cover their sobering and tragic past. They are all truly profound and I recommend anyone who has an opportunity to visit and pay your respects. Simply walking along the Berlin Wall memorial on Bernauer Strasse, effortlessly crossing over from one side of the wall to the other… it really was a moving experience.

I’ve got another day to explore here tomorrow before returning to Hamburg and joining up with some of my Google Photos colleagues, where we will spend the week working out of the Nik office in Lübeck.

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