I really should be focusing on packing for my flight to Germany in a few hours but I got the bug to edit and share an image from Antelope Canyon (Lower). I originally hadn’t envisioned going with a black and white treatment but when I saw this preview pop up as I hovered across my list of Lightroom presets, it instantly made sense. How many of you do a quick hover across your presets to get a quick jolt of direction and inspiration?

Yesterday, I downloaded my copy of Trey Ratcliff‘s new, crazy-in-depth HDR tutorial and was glad to see that he follows a similar process in his editing routine. I have the video downloaded on my laptop and plan on watching it in more depth on my flight to Hamburg via Paris. Trey was nice enough to send me a gratis copy to check out and from what I’ve already seen, I am certain that it is a freaking awesome update to his prior HDR technique tutorials. You can check out the insane 40-minute preview and grab a copy here.

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