I have to say, it felt really nice to get back into an abandoned facility for some good ol’ UrbEx photography. Earlier this morning,  Todd and I left my place at the ripe hour of 4:45AM to meet up with Amy and Quenton Hamlin. Because of the sheer darkness outside coupled with the total lack of electricity within this facility, a lot of our initial photography was accomplished with light painting using flashlights and LED panels.

It wasn’t until the sun had risen and started pouring light through the windows that I was able to find some cool areas to explore some shadow play. I particularly love photographing long corridors in these abandoned buildings, especially when there is a doorway at the end of it. You have this nice volley of shadows and strips of light coming through all of the doorways that ends in a beautifully bright vanishing point.

Processing-wise, I used Photomatix 5 to tone-map this HDR  image from five exposures taken on my Sony A7 with my Canon 14mm f/2.8 Prime lens. In terms of stylization, I decided to go with an ooooold staple of mine, using the Urban Sickness cross-processing effect (in onOne Software Perfect Effects 8) that I built when I was at onOne and introduced a few versions back. I had to dig up and install Perfect Photo Suite 7 so that I could get my beloved FocalPoint back, which I used to add a slight blur around the vanishing point, giving the image a bit of depth. All in all, I was really happy with the way the image came out because I honestly thought that I had walked away from this shoot with nothing to show for it.

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