My looooong time friend, Chris Lazzery, flew out the other day to visit for the holiday weekend and, I’ve gotta say, it really is nice having him over. Aside from being a helluva great landscape photographer, it has been a blast reminiscing about old times in Boston.

Yesterday, we spent all day driving around different parts of Big Sur. Our original goal was to photograph sunset at Pfeiffer Beach but that plan was quickly dashed as a standstill formed on Rt. 1 due to a very unfortunate accident. So, we shifted gears quickly and headed over to Garrapata State Park, a recommendation that heartily came from my bud, Mark Gvazdinskas.

The hours that bookended sunset really were magical. We had the entire area to ourselves, literally. It was my first time visiting Garrapata and I was in a frenzy with all of these gorgeous sea stacks jutting out everywhere. Sunset didn’t disappoint as a small layer of wispy clouds started forming just above the horizon, adding some much needed dimension to what was an altogether very pretty sunset. I ended up walking away with a number of compositions that I’m super excited to share with all of you soon.

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