I’m about to head out the door to dabble in some astral photography before leaving Yosemite National Park tomorrow and wanted to share this photo taken earlier while strolling around Yosemite Village. The sky was an overall bust today but that didn’t do anything to dampen our resolve as we spent a good chunk of the day focusing on the Merced River and all of its wonderful little waterfalls and channels.

After lunch, I turned my lens up to the massive canyon walls that surrounded us. Knowing that I’d be processing these photos in black and white, I decided to embrace the pure blue sky and work on filling the frame with interesting shapes and flows. I really like the sense of scale that is introduced with the trees that you see growing along the ridge line.

We’ve got one more day tomorrow but all signs point to another day of blue skies which just means more fun time scrambling along the Merced. Not too shabby at all!

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