My friend, Colby Brown, just dropped a post that really got me thinking along some lines that he drew and also along other lines that may have been undertones. It also played into some other posts and conversations that I’ve recently seen having to do with people expressing a disproportionately strong and gutteral response about what other photographers are saying and doing rather than just focusing on making themselves better at whatever it is they’re trying to become.

This is something that I just don’t understand and the more I think about it, the more I want to actively distance myself from any of it. I have always found it interesting how photographers jockey to other photographers on these social channels, as if it’s a contest or popularity ball. When I get sucked into that dreadful vortex, all I do is turn to some of the truly successful photographers I have the privilege of knowing, my role models and my mentors, to see how they handle their social media affairs. I try to model my own social workflows around theirs and have been doing so for several years now and, if I can be so bold, it has helped me out tremendously.

In short, stop concerning yourselves with other people’s jetsam and flotsam. Why burden yourselves, or those who you encounter, with things that, in their elemental nature, have no material impact on your life? Rather, focus on more introspection and developing yourself to grow into whatever you want to be. No one else will do it for you, at least not without a cost or ulterior motive. I promise you that.