Well, the first day of 2014 is wrapping up here on the west coast and I couldn’t be happier with the opportunity to take ‘er easy, go on a nice walk with +Kodak Matiash and kick back, letting my thoughts go here and there. I’ve got a few small projects that I’m looking forward to getting up and running soon, so having a day of mental respite was great.

I took this photo yesterday at Bonny Doon Beach in between Santa Cruz and Davenport. It turned out to be a nice little impromptu gathering organized by Uncle +Barry Blanchard. I decided to spend the sunset on the shore with +Alexis Coram, +Laurie Rubin, +Ed Sweeney and +Paul Moody, while the other contingent took their frames from the points above. All in all, it really was a lovely way to send 2013 off into pasture.

Cheers to a great start for 2014 – I hope it provides you with the right challenges to help you grow and the rewards to reap when you achieve it.