If there is one lesson that I’m learning during my stay here on the Big Island of Hawaii, it’s that you should not try and predict the weather. I’ve seen some of the most beautiful and dramatic shifts in weather patterns right in front of my eyes these past few days and it hasn’t ceased to amaze yet.

Last night was a perfect example. All signs pointed towards a lackluster, overcast sunset at Two Step beach. We just assumed that all of the color would fizzle out or not show up at all so I decided to turn my attention to getting tight shots of the water flowing over the rocks (you can see them in the lower left corner of the frame). But sure enough, as the sun approached the horizon, the clouds broke apart and the sky erupted into a gorgeous array of colors. It turned out to be a spectacular sunset so I slapped on my good ol’ Canon 15mm Fisheye Funkbuster with a 3-stop ND gel onto my Sony A7 and went to work.

I could get used to all of this lack of planning for the weather. :)