It’s funny how easy it is to overlook the little things. They’re usually those things that register in your mind and then are forgotten just as quickly in the wave of, well, the bigger things. But it’s in holding onto those moments that you learn to appreciate what is truly important to you.

Take Ruckel Creek Falls as an example. I first visited these falls while still living in Portland. I remember being underwhelmed by the place, probably because I held it in direct comparison to the more extravagant falls that I had been visiting regularly in this area.

Flash forward to the other day, when I visited these falls again after living in the South Bay of northern California for the past nine months. It was the first time I had been back to a waterfall since moving and the falls that I had once passed over without a second thought was one of the most beautiful places I could remember seeing. I started noticing little things about it that added to its charm and it made me appreciate this place that much more. I only photographed here for about 40 minutes but in that time, I had more creative energy flowing through me than I had in a long time and I attribute it to just paying attention to the small things. It’s a lesson that I’m seriously going to try and hold onto for a long while.