Yesterday, I had the pleasure of joining two fellow Googlers, +Josh Haftel and +Ronald Wotzlaw, as we raced to Half Moon Bay to catch the warm and gentle embrace of golden hour… which actually ended up being more along the lines of golden minutes. As soon as we got onto the beach, I found a spot with a cool vantage point (seen here) and immediately had that odd tinge in the back of my head that I had forgotten something.

I am, admittedly, fairly militant about packing everything I need before going out on a shoot. Yesterday would have been no exception especially because I had more than enough time to pack before Ronald picked me up. But, as cruel fortune would have it, I did not have my Lee Foundation Kit or adapter ring. Le sighhhhhhh.

That’s where Plan B kicks in. Almost as quickly as my frustration began to set in, a wave of calm washed it away when I realized that I had haphazardly packed my B+W 10-stop 77mm ND filter with my kit and just like that, all was back on track and with enough time to capture the last remnant of sunlight for the day.