This was not the final image that I had in mind to post here. In the true final version, the pylon found towards the center right of the frame and the little bit of land mass in the upper left corner of the frame would have been cloned out. It’s not that they’re out of focus or a dust spot or anything like that.

Rather, they introduce a term called ‘tension’. We’ve talking about tension on our +Google+ Photos Chat Series HOAs. A lot of times, tension in an image is invoked when an object is dangerously close to the edge of the frame. In other words, there is a visual unease with the lack of ‘breathing room’ between the object and the edge of the frame. It isn’t something that would necessarily be too detracting from the image but it could cause subliminal consternation with the viewer and my core philosophy is that if there is anything that can shift the viewer’s attention away from simply enjoying the image, then it should be dealt with.

So, I hope this gives you some more food for thought when you’re out composing your frames. Make sure you scan all four walls of the frame and determine when you’ve given yourself ample breathing room.