You could imagine the foot traffic that the Cape Otway Lighthouse in Australia had on this gorgeous day. And why should it be any different? The Great Ocean Road. Plenty of warm sun. A beautiful lighthouse. It’s a recipe for lots of people enjoying themselves.

And then there is the photographer with the tripod and bag full of glassy goodness. The goal for me was to capture the full path leading to the Cape Otway lighthouse without anyone in the frame. Typically, I’d have to wait an exceptionally long amount of time to achieve this. Plus, I’d have to inconvenience the other tourists by asking them to stand back while I got my shot. Overall, not the most pleasant experience for everyone involved.

That’s why I added about 15-stops worth of ND filters onto my lens. :) Doing so forced me to expose the camera for a crazy long time – but it had two very positive byproducts. First, because it was blazingly bright out, all of those ND filters helped me get an evenly lit shot. Secondly, because the pedestrian traffic was moving at a steady clip (everyone was basically walking to or from the lighthouse), they didn’t stand still long enough to translate onto the image.

As photographers, it’s important to know how to use the gear you carry but it’s also just as important to know the positive byproducts of using them, as well!

In terms of processing
Not much done here other than basic corrections and slight tweaks in Lightroom 4.3’s Develop Module.