I really was overwhelmed yesterday by the amount of kind and positive responses to my announcement of joining Google as the Community Manager for Google+ Photos. Typically, I don’t really publicly discuss the gears and machinations of my personal life, especially as it relates to the back end of my professional one but I felt it would be appropriate to share this image as it will serve as a visual indicator to how this whole change played out.

You see, 95% of the process for me filling this role took place while I was over 7,000 miles away from home. Virtually all of the meetings and conversations were done via hangouts and GMail. It was a Google process through and through.

And then the fateful call came in just as the sun began to rise, around 5AM local time in the Barossa Region of Australia. The first words: The good news is that I’ve got good news. A simple, yet profoundly impacting statement. When I turned around to look for Nicole S. Young, this is the exact sight I saw. Please believe me that this is 100% exactly how it played out. A beautiful double rainbow over the room we were staying in.

If that isn’t a sign to scream I ACCEPT!, then I don’t know what is.

And with that, let the Double Rainbow references begin. :)

In terms of processing
I can’t honestly remember what I did to this image as far as stylization goes which is atypical for me. From the looks of it, I don’t think I did too much to it.

I do remember making a cognitive decision not to correct for the distortion with the vertical lines. I felt that there was a sort of piousness in the way the hotel was bowing towards the rainbows so I left it be.