I’ve always been a believer of knowing what your capabilities are with your camera when you’re out in the field. But, it also is worth expanding on that idea. It’s also important to know what your incapabilities are, too. It’s about knowing what you simply can’t achieve because of physics or time. It’s also about knowing what images you have to get in the field and how to achieve your vision using your digital tools back home.

In the case with this image, what you see here is the same exact wave from when it first hits the shore in the background and all the way through to my camera’s tripod. I knew that it’d be physically impossible for me to get the shot in this specific way in one exposure. So, I took three exposures knowing full well that I could blend them together during post.

I know that we spend so much time extolling the importance of getting it right in camera, and that certainly is a crucial concept, but it’s also worth remembering that there are many different roads you can take to get to your destination. It’s all about knowing where they are and how to navigate them.

On a side note, this image is used in Episode 52 of Perfect Inspiration. This is a particularly special milestones for me because it marks 1 year of posting a new episode to this series every single week without fail. I put so much of myself into it and it means the world to me that we were able to make it to this point. I hope you’ve enjoyed Perfect Inspiration as much as I have.

In terms of processing
You can view the entire workflow video of how I edited this image right over here.