So there I was, chatting away with some of Melbourne’s wonderful local photographers when I got a call from Nicole S. Young. She was further ahead on the route for our Melbourne, Australia photowalk. She frantically told me to make my way over to her because she found something that she was sure I’d love.

That gal knows me well. When I made my way to her and saw this beauty of a laneway, I immediately went to town. I had my Canon 24-105 on but I knew that it was time to let the Canon 15mm Fisheye Funk Buster stretch its legs. My fellow walkers were kind beyond words, helping to ensure the scene remained pedestrian-free while I framed and fired my brackets. I have a bunch of shots from these laneways and when I get a bit stale with working on landscapes, all I need to do is give these images some love to get back on track.

What’s even cooler is that Hendrik Ebber managed to get a shot of me nabbing this very image!

In terms of processing
This is a seven exposure tone-mapped HDR image and stylized using Lightroom 4.3’s Develop Module.