Maybe it’s the general chaos that you can find on an UrbEx shoot but I think all of it lends to how I see while I roam these hallways. Amy Heiden was off in another corridor doing her thing while I held a crazy session of Really Right Stuff Tripod Yoga. I distinctly remember the position of this one and it would certainly be fit for its own spot on Trey Ratcliff‘s Camerasutra T-shirt.

I intentionally had my Canon 14mm f/2.8L II lens on to bring an exaggerated amount of distortion here. Because I had the camera pivoted downward, I felt that the enlargement of the skewed vertical and horizontal lines really led to helping the viewer’s eye roam through the frame. See. Distortion really can be our friends. :)

In terms of processing
This is a seven exposure tone-mapped HDR image. I stylized using split-toning in Lightroom 4.3. All final touches were also applied in Lightroom.