This post is coming to you live from 32,000 feet in the air. We landed safely in LAX after a 14 hour flight from Australia and even managed to get on an earlier flight back to Portland (bonus!).

If there is one part of Melbourne that truly stuck out for me, it was its laneways. Nicole and I got to explore some of the funkier and charismatic ones during our lovely Photowalk last week. These narrow alleys were brimming with amazing and creative wall art, posters, and bills that really brought life to what would otherwise be just another path in between streets.

For this image, I was experimenting with the Sony RX-1 to see how well is handles dynamic range in a single exposure. As you can see here, it did quite a remarkable job. However, after using this camera for 2.5 weeks, I do feel confident to say that it just isn’t for me. It really is a powerhouse but it’s probably better suited for a different sort of photographer. Still, it really was wonderful to be able to use the camera for this duration to really get a feel for it.

In terms of processing
All of the b&w and editing conversions were done using the Develop module of Lightroom 4.3.