With all of the Australia imagery that I’ve been sharing over the past two weeks, I figured a departure of sorts would be in order. This image brings us back to the Pacific Coast, specifically in Bandon, OR. I took this shot a few weeks prior to my Australia trip with Matt Kloskowski, Patricia Davidson, and Cameron Siguenza.

One of the checklist shots that I was hoping to get was a tide pool at sunset. I had seen similar images from this location but until it was shot by you, it wasn’t shot by you. So, I found a spot that worked, slapped on ye ol’ Big Stopper and went to town. It was pretty windy and you can tell that if you look at the slight ripples on the surface of this tide pool. Still, that sunset was pretty spectacular and all was well. :)

In terms of processing
This image was processed using one of Nicole S. Young‘s Lovely Landscape presets for Lighroom. I started with one as my base and then moved on to refine the image using some contrast, vibrance, and clarity boosts along with a healthy dose of sharpening.