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About a year after I purchased my Canon 5D Mark II in 2008, I converted my older Canon 40D to infrared. I sent the camera off to a CT-based company, where they applied a 665nm glass filter to achieve a Color IR conversion. The result is a camera that produces images in a way that I’ve never seen before… and presents challenges that I never really expected.

If you were to see the raw image produced with this camera, you’d likely notice that it has a strong red tint to it. This is as designed. The problem for me is that I really can’t discern that red at all being colorblind. Thankfully, red really isn’t even the issue, though, because the first step I take is to adjust the color channels in Photoshop using the Channel Mixer. But still, reviewing these initial images can be very frustrating because a lot of the times, I find it difficult to discern the difference in tone due to the strong presence of red.

I ended up letting my 40D sit on a shelf for years. I don’t know why but I was discouraged from using it. Until, that is, Cameron Siguenza showed up to Portland (and subsequently, Bandon) with his converted IR camera. I believe his was a Canon T3i. Looking through his Live View and seeing a whole new Infrared world immediately jogged my eagerness to grab my 40D and get cracking again.

During our time in Bandon, I made it a point to grab my 40D and have some fun with it. All of the shots were handheld because I didn’t have a proper Arca Swiss plate to use with my beloved Really Right Stuff tripod. I’ve since remedied that. :)

So for now, here is a view of the Bandon Ocean Wayside as taken from the parking lot of a very scenic overview.

In terms of processing
The most accurate description I could give here was that I made some significant adjustments to the Red value in the Blue channel and the Blue value in the Red channel using the Photoshop Channel Mixer. This helped me get to the base look.

Next, I fiddled with the temperature and tint of the image using Lightroom 4.3 and then finished off the final touches with the remaining tools in the Develop Module.

[map w=”745″ h=”185″ lat=”43.10510″ lon=”-124.43409″ marker=”yes” z=”17″ maptype=”SATELLITE”]