The Fingerlings

Ever since moving to Portland last November and working from onOne HQ, I’ve always fawned over a print that our Sr. Product Manager, Dan Harlacher, has hanging on the wall in his office. It was this very image that he took a year earlier and expertly processed it in black and white. I don’t know what it is but every time I look at that shot, I’m transported.

So, imagine how surprised I was when Dan pointed out this very spot during our hike along Silver Falls last week! It’s one thing to look at a scene on a two dimensional print. It’s a whole other thing to see it with your own eyes and to set the business end of your camera towards it, making it your own.

The long and the short of it is that nabbing this shot was both rewarding and cathartic. In a small way, this rendition of my way of paying homage to Dan and his amazing talent.

In terms of processing
All touches ups and stylization were done in Lightroom. I actually started out by applying one of Nicole S. Young‘s Cross Process LR Presets ( and then refined to taste using the various tools in the Develop Module.

  • Robin Black

    That light is magical.

  • Romain Guy

    So surreal!

  • shane holsclaw

    WOW……  this is jaw-dropping beautiful!

  • Aaron Hockley

    Nice.  We have a camping trip scheduled for Silver Falls later in the year… looking forward to exploring.

  • Sandra Parlow

    THis looks like a story book painting, Brian!  It is just breath taking..

  • Andrew Caldwell

    Wow that is stunning +Brian Matiash

  • Michael Mixon

    A really wonderful composition. The colors and light do transport me. Nicely seen.

  • S Visser

    Sweet image, it's really cool yet kinda creepy. I can see why you were fawning over the image your boss had, but now you have your own.

  • Louise Beauregard

    Wow! This looks almost like one of those animation movies!

  • Paul Alderete

    oh my god… this is wonderous…

  • Pamela Reynoso

    That is awesome! :)

  • Moose Peterson

    that is simply well done!

  • Frank Clarke

    Brian, this might be my favorite photo from you, and you have shared some simply stunning shots. Thank you so much for sharing. Truly inspiring! And thank Dan for me, too!

  • Brian Matiash

    +Frank Clarke That's extremely kind of you! Thank you. :)

  • Amy Heiden

    Without a doubt, my favorite photograph of yours I've seen. Amazing light, fantastic colors, really well composed. This is off the hook Bri!

  • Jonathan Wilbur

    Great story and picture!

  • Hasse Ölander

    This must be from another planet….very different. Nice shot.

  • Guillaume Desachy

    Amazing shot +Brian Matiash ;)

  • Joseph Daquiz

    This reminds me of the scene where Luke Skywalker meets Yoda for the first time…

  • Marc Briggs

    Beautiful essence of the deep, dark rainforest.   Very nice.

  • Howard Hoffman

    +Brian Matiash this is one of your all time best images.

  • Shane Corderoy

    Beautiful pic +Brian Matiash

  • Nathan White

    Nice one +Brian Matiash

  • Giuseppe Basile

    wow this popped right off my screen,, Magical photo +Brian Matiash

  • Kalyana Kavuri

    Stunning!!! Totally love the processing …brilliant work +Brian Matiash

  • Sam Breach

    I want to go here right now
    Um, actually maybe not right now, maybe in the morning when it gets light again.
    wow. wow. wow.

  • Luca Gandolfo

    Mindblowing. If I would need to explain to someone how to make a 2D image look 3D, this should be it, better than 1mio words! I deeply bow in respect, +Brian Matiash !!

  • bhuvaneswari R

    wow very very super nice no word brian matiash you are so so cool dude i just imageing to go now where is it this place plz tell me ya

  • A.D.Wheeler

    Excellent work Brian, you did the site and paid Dan some major homage. I plan on Washington and Oregon in 2014, was the climb pretty tough?

  • Rizvan Vohra

    +bhuvaneswari R
    yaah realy nice……

  • Ryan Martins

    3 hours from my house… I think ill go check it out

  • Donald Davis

    WOW! Fantastic scene.

  • adelito barrameda




  • Ashwinder Kaur

    wow wow really nic

  • Doug Wildblood


  • Joy Marma

    Very nice.

  • javed izhar

    so natural n refreshing, a bit high blue

  • Ahmed Easa

    Naturally beautiful

  • vaishali muzumdar


  • Shashank Shekhar


  • Chinthaka Nimesha

    Actraction place to rest.

  • arshad khan

    very naic

  • Sujana Keny




  • Elenice Espindola

    paradise was discovered! Beautiful

  • Manhy Praveen


  • esther mary



    very nice

  • Lorita O’Leary

    I've seen that spot myself. Did you climb down to get it?

  • Eamonn Hudson


  • Raja khalil


  • Daya Shankar

    good  morning  ji

  • vicki tt

    I really like it!!!

  • bhavani sekar


  • Daya Shankar

    i really like it—————-

  • Doris Moscatelli

    Can this be real?

  • Rakesh bishnoi mall

    gd mrng…mai.

  • yayuk shiroo

    amazing pict :)

  • Naresh padamata


  • catherine hogan

    its computer graffic

  • David Jewett

    Silver Falls is gorgeous :) haven't been there in years though

  • Tia Jacob

    thats what i call………..WHOA

  • Christine Guzman


  • ravi upadhyaya


  • Sandipan Bhandari


  • shemeer navas


  • imal ushira


  • Vinod Mishra


  • Kavita Jadgekar

    It's Great ….

  • Ramkrishna Birajdar


  • Thiru Navukarasu

    nice picture

  • Dharma Raju


  • Ramani Perera

    very beautiful nature

  • Dean Power

    This is a magnificent shot +Brian Matiash congrats.

  • Angela Nkama


  • bhagat singh


  • Gopal Samy

    Very nice

  • Paul Taylor

    Very cool.

  • Tala Mayer

    I don't have Lightroom.I've got CS5. That is beautiful work. I need to view this on my computer. I'm on my Kindle Fire HD.The photo looks like you could linger in the image.

  • Steve Martin

    Whoa…that's better then great, but what are the words for it…"most excellent"?

  • Steve Martin

    +Tala Mayer if you can get LR4 your doing yourself a favor !

  • Prasanna Kumar

    A thing of beauty is a joy forever.
    Its loveliness increases; it will never
    pass into nothingness …
    ―John Keats

    Music When Soft Voices Die (To —)
    by Percy Bysshe Shelley

    Music, when soft voices die,
    Vibrates in the memory—
    Odours, when sweet violets sicken,
    Live within the sense they quicken.

    Rose leaves, when the rose is dead,
    Are heaped for the belovèd's bed;
    And so thy thoughts, when thou art gone,
    Love itself shall slumber on.

    by Oscar Wilde

    Tread lightly, she is near
    Under the snow,
    Speak gently, she can hear
    The daisies grow.

    All her bright golden hair
    Tarnished with rust,
    She that was young and fair
    Fallen to dust.

    Lily-like, white as snow,
    She hardly knew
    She was a woman, so
    Sweetly she grew.

    Coffin-board, heavy stone,
    Lie on her breast,
    I vex my heart alone,
    She is at rest.

    Peace, Peace, she cannot hear
    Lyre or sonnet,
    All my life's buried here,
    Heap earth upon it.

  • Ramani Perera

    you are correct


    wow, great pictures of lovely spot.

  • Ven Kat


  • Prasanna Kumar

    The woods are lovely, dark, and deep,
    But I have promises to keep,
    And miles to go before I sleep,
    And miles to go before I sleep.

  • Simon Diete

    That tree looks awesome, great work!

  • rex funtalba

    nice pic of a good and beautiful nature..

  • Thanima Anihash

    Hi sll

  • Amica Miaa


  • John B Tefertiller

    Sits. Stares. Sighs. All the good superlatives have already been used, but I'll say, "Excellent!" anyway.

  • Joseph Thomas

    this is an animated pic

  • Madhvi Singh

    uhh. i hate algae

  • Anitha Reddy

    Fantastic really awesome pic

  • Mart Aaron

    That's moss not algae! lol. Great shot

  • Paulo Miguel Sandoval

    dagobah swamp

  • Abha Agarwal


  • Grnfinger cory

    It looks like the swamp luke crashed his xwing into. I just bought Photoshop and lightroom.



  • Ramya Ravindran

    looks like an enchanted forest

  • chinglen Rk


  • arshi Garg

    nature is so beautiful..

  • Chris Johnson

    +Grnfinger cory
    I just had that identical thought without actually seeing your comment.

  • kartikay rai


  • Janu Sharma


  • Marwa Moheb

     Ohhh, very beautiful

  • Rajanish Tiwari

    nice i set as my desktop backgroung

  • kahraman sadiq


  • manmeet kaur


  • Mary Gray

    Nature : An Abosutelly : Spectacular picture of a forest . !!!!!

  • Kaustav Das

    god forbid its not 'fingerings'

  • sowmi Sowmiya


  • Emenike Adaku


  • sanjana s


  • ngaihngaih ciinngaihcing


  • Paul Gunther


  • Chloe Hui

    What is that

  • ramya krishnanan.j


  • Rabatho Laka

    photo manipulation

  • Shweta Yadav


  • ramya krishnanan.j

    Hi shweta

  • praveena praveenapravi



    green every where

  • Scott Wyden Kivowitz

    This is my new favorite. Stop making me change my favorite!

  • James Edwards

    I'm still amazed this is real.


    I just love it

  • adya gupta

    dis is REAL?!

  • Shiva Prasad

    looks like graphics but its beautiful

  • neha suryavanshri

    so beautiful place

  • Fauzia Lafemme


  • cassandra lucic

    Stunning image

  • Lalaine Nagamatsu

    Nice place for adventure

  • Donna Williams

    Nice pic

  • harshith gowda


  • Emenike Adaku


  • neha suryavanshri

    so beutiful place

  • Christine Rowan

    Great title for the photo

  • RUMAN ul haq

    amazing……….. bbbeautiful



  • Mukhtiar Ahmad

    its lovely

  • Rose Mathew


  • jani basha


  • Claudia Ibarra

    Is this a real place ? Looks like a panting? Its beautiful in a strange way!

  • deepak jaiswal


  • aswin dhanasekar


  • Apeksha Sharma

    thats scary O. o

  • thegeniusplayschool anurraaddha


  • Michael Manlolo

    It looks prehistoric.. Some Ents might live there..

  • amit atarthi

    it real

  • Chiamaka Ezerioha


  • Alain Zarinelli

    Eerily beautiful!

  • Shelly Gunderson

    Very beautiful!  Looks like a mystical place!

  • Pete Collins

    Fantastic capture! +Brian Matiash

  • SUNIL Nancy

    so beautiful

  • James Davidson

    I need to move to Portland! Great work +Brian Matiash!

  • keerthana dheenadayalan


  • Barb Cochran

    +Brian Matiash , this is breath taking!   Absolutely beautiful, magical moment that you made permanent!  Thanks for sharing!

  • yanuar firdaus

    Beyond HDR!

  • Victoria Winningham

    nicely done!

  • Lexii Demars

    That is PERDY!!!

  • Grisel Rivera

    Amazing place.


    Enjoy yourself and be happy

  • veang naran

    Lovely …

  • Rebecca Harden-Heick

    Marvelous shot +Brian Matiash It's magical!!

  • sayuri ponweera

    very nice

  • Alejandro de Leon

    Wow it's so cinematographic

  • Jonathan Jacques

    looks very peaceful

  • 密林龍


  • clayton sherrod

    this place would be crazy on shrooms

  • Shrarti Bacha


  • Austin Baca

    fuck being on shrooms ill do some salvia

  • Swastik Nanda

    It is wonderful

  • jas mine

    beautiful picture

  • Kahil Nettleton

    Is that Dagobah?

  • Michael Coelho

    Love it.

  • JO Ann Boomer

    It doesn't look like a real place. It looks like an enchanted forest.

  • Glebe Garden Centre

    It does have exceptional depth, like you could almost put your hand into it! :-)

  • Belle Czyzewski

    Wish I coulb go there

  • Mikko Tyllinen


  • Aston Setchell

    WHO are you? From Aston

  • Sujaprem Nair


  • Barry Blanchard

    Jaw. Dropped.

  • Kevin Miller

    Love seeing local photos nice pic!

  • slone bekele

    it is scary

  • Sean Finell

    This has such a gorgeous, ethereal, otherworldly feel to it.  Amazing.  My hat is off to you!

  • Peyton Hale

    +Brian Matiash  I'm relocating my tail to Pullman, WA this summer…  Sounds like we need to meet up in the Gorge… and then post awesome shots and tell +Colby Brown about all the fun he is missing out on…

  • Marcie McKean

    LOVE this!

  • Lorita O’Leary

    I just had to share this photo, I keep coming back to it – these are hard to capture and get the essence of the location. I know of others who would like to enjoy this too

  • Charles Mitchell


  • Julie Jamieson

    Stunning, truly amazing +Brian Matiash!!

  • Richard Ness

    for me the key to that whole shot is the downed log. It draws me in and makes me want to be there and step onto the log and walk across the stream. Just brilliant.

  • Marcie McKean

    +Richard Ness I would agree but would also have to add the moss that is hanging from the tree. It's so surreal and captivating. Honestly its just an overall  great composition.

  • Angela Zecha

    Brian, got any more like this?

  • George West

    WOW… Did I mention WOW +Brian Matiash this is really beautiful!!!

  • Juana Reascos

    And I agree with your opinion

  • Kim Troutman

    ohgoodgrief is that gorgeous +Brian Matiash !!!

  • Leticia Soares


  • blaze lewis

    imagine getting lost in there

  • nour ali

    the lost world

  • Mark Watson

    Very nice work +Brian Matiash

  • farah godoy


  • Beata Gędłek

    Cool photo!

  • Liz Calderón

    Oh I just discovered these mossy trees on my first trip to PDX. Just lovely!

  • Derek Kind

    This is crazy magical, +Brian Matiash!  :-o

  • Paul Deatherage

    Awesomeness to the 10th power… magical, very much so!  You're an artist +Brian Matiash !!  no doubt.

  • Kerry Murphy

    This is just cah-razy amazing, +Brian Matiash!

  • Rich Williams

    You, mister, just raised the bar even higher.

  • Christopher Stern

    +Brian Matiash – you know I have followed your work for a few years now. This happens to be one of the best shots you have taken and processed. It is so worthy of being framed on anyone's wall. Congratulations!

  • Daniel Korzeniewski


  • Kevin Miller

    +Peyton Hale what's bringing you there? Wazzu? Lived in the area for like ten years love it, lots of opportunity for photographers

  • danielle terwilliger

    This makes me feel all warm and cozy inside!!~

  • Karen Hutton

    Friggin' incredible +Brian Matiash!!

  • David R Robinson

    Simply amazing +Brian Matiash!

  • Javier Esvall

    Wonderful play of light, color and textures +Brian Matiash

  • Kelly Perez

    This is bar far the best I have ever seen!  The subject, composition, lighting, all amazing!  You have created a beautiful masterpiece, +Brian Matiash!

  • Mimi Round


  • Margaret Wong

    +++So gorgeous :)

  • Kirsti Komonen

    Waude beatiful foto.



  • Susan LaDuke

    Just surreal! This tantalizing stunner is straight out of a mystical fantasy land.

  • Rose Mathew


  • Manhy Praveen


  • Lalaine Nagamatsu


  • Rose Mathew


  • Tala Mayer

    I want to sit on the moss covered rock and commune with nature. Savor the smell and taste the cool cool air and feel the damp moss with my fingers as my clothes wick up the moisture and I don't mind, became that is part of the experience. I'm surrounded by textures and shades of the forest universe. And, I am at the center of the moment. This is purity and I am taking in, it cleanses my spirit, I feel renewed.

  • vicki tt

    It is a beautiful painting looks like it should be in a fairy tale even though its real..

  • Nordic Scapes

    Do you know that;
    is using this picture as background picture on his profile page?  



    Movie film.


    Movie film.

  • Cakap Niaga
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