The Dance of Trees

This past Friday afternoon, my colleague and friend, Dan Harlacher, and I took off for Silver Falls in Oregon. The weather was uncharacteristically beautiful and we decided to capitalize on living in such a gorgeous state. Aside from the falls themselves, the surrounding forest was absolutely gorgeous. As the sun began to set, a beautiful fog began to set, adding a dramatic depth to this image. Furthermore, the low sun backlit the green moss beautifully, helping to sculpt the many shapes of these trees.

I was particularly fond of this image because of the tree in the lower center portion of the frame. I love the way it is bent backwards with branches stretching up, like it is in the middle of some tribal dance.

Sometimes, it’s not what we see with our eyes but rather, it’s what we see with our mind’s eye.

In terms of processing
All touches ups and stylization were done in Lightroom 4.3. I actually started out by applying one of Nicole S. Young‘s Cross Process LR Presets and then refined to taste using the various tools in the Develop Module.