Dreaming of Omaha

Well, Lincoln would be more accurate. This was the very first hay bale that I had ever seen in my life so I naturally had to shoot it. We visited Nebraska in the peak of the summer season so I wanted my processing style here to reflect the ridiculous humidity we experienced. Overall, this rural area of Nebraska really is charming and beautiful. Oh, and it has lots of corn.

In terms of processing
I applied a modified version of the Dirty Bird vintage effect as well as my favorite Rice Paper Light paper texture overlay in Perfect Effects 4 by onOne Software.

Final touches were applied in Lightroom 4.3.

  • That's Nebraska! Captures it well +Brian Matiash :) Brings back memories of many a summer spent there…

  • +Brian Matiash Love the placement in the photo

  • Sweet! I was born in Omaha but I haven't been there since birth. Would love to visit someday

  • I think you are the 1st person to ever dream of Omaha.

  • +Jake Johnson Nah, I think Adam Duritz of Counting Crows beat me to it.

  • Reminds me Lithuanian landscape very much.

  • So, what are we commenting on the fields or the skills?

  • Yeah the days of baling hay in rectangular blocks are for the most part, gone. Spent many hours years ago, doing just that. Rural life on a farm is quite a struggle, and you're totally at the mercy of Mother Nature and whatever she's in the mood to dish out (as you noted with hideous humidity levels) Really love this expansive shot: sprawling fields and brilliant skies!

  • All laid out…