Salty, salty. Fishy, fishy

To my left, I had Matt Kloskowski and Brian Bonham shooting. Behind me, Ricardo Lagos and Amy Heiden were doing their things. We were all running around, lying prone, contorting tripods – everything possible to put our own respective stamps on the same scene. As far as I’m concerned, one of my favorite ways to get a different shot is to simply slap on my Canon 15mm Fisheye. It is, undoubtedly, my favorite lens that I own. While its practical uses are limited, its creative uses know no bounds.

In terms of processing
In order to bring out the details of the foreground while also retaining the sunburst, I had to tone-map this image using Photomatix Pro.

I added some warmth to the image using Magic Sunset and added a really nice contrast boost using a refined version of Kryptonite. Texture was added using Tonal Contrast – all in Perfect Effects 4 by onOne Software.

Final touches were applied in Lightroom 4.3

  • Manuela Azevedo


  • Ritesh kravi

    it's truly amazing

  • Keith Cuddeback

    Yep, you make a great point and a good case for adding a fisheye my camera bag too.

  • Györgyi Pálfi

    Very Nice!

  • Patricia Davidson


  • Scott Wyden Kivowitz

    This is freaky, surreal and awesome!

  • Chandra Pederson


  • Bruno Schalch


  • Bradlee Poohl-Jensen

    Reminds me of this Death Valley photo and lens correction edit by Ken Rockwell (Hover over 1st image for lens correction – pretty awesome!):

    Was shot on a Canon 15mm lens, as well.

  • jt lz


  • Brian Matiash

    +Bradlee Poohl-Jensen Yup! I had a very similar result using the lens correction profile in Lightroom. In some instances, the corrected version produces an effect more pleasing that the original fisheye but in this case, I think the radial distortion really makes the shot pop.

  • Daniel Pisano

    +Bradlee Poohl-Jensen I was just about to post Ken Rockwell's take on this very perspective, and discovered your post in just the nick of time.

  • Gilmar Smith

    Pretty cool +Brian Matiash :) one day I'm gonna go in one of those cool trips with all the cool kids!

  • Brian Matiash

    +Gilmar Smith you know you're always welcome. Now to get your cheeseburger buns up here to PDX.

  • Catalina Santiago


  • Michael Riffle

    Hell of a great shot. Brilliant use of the fish eye.

  • Zarak Khan


  • fati’z el

    what is that?

  • Brian Matiash

    Cheers, +Michael Riffle!

  • Richard Wichels

    Dazzling composition Brian.  I love the shadow and highlight detail–now I am going to have to add a fisheye to my bag–LOL.  thanks for sharing!

  • Fauzia Lafemme


  • Kevin Blackburn

    Very cool image

  • Christiane Smith

    It reminds me of an image from an electron microscope and the way the sand takes on the shape of sugar molecules. I agree it is both cool and imaginative.

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  • Michel Nadeau

    I miss that area in Death it’s awesome I will surely go back.

  • Marsha Leigh