After getting up around 4AM last Thursday to catch a flight to Vegas, meeting up with Matt Kloskowski, spending an inordinate amount of money at REI to stock up on cold weather clothing, and then driving out to Death Valley, all of our hustle and bustle was rewarded with a gorgeous sunset at Zabriskie Point, near Furnace Creek, inside of Death Valley National Park. The combination of cloud coverage and hazy, warm sunlight made this a hard sunset to beat. It also set the stage for what turned out to be four days of immense fun and photography with some of my very favorite people here on Google+.

I’ve got a slew of images that I am excited to share in the coming weeks but for now, I’m just glad to be home with my family. I suspect I’ll be returning here again after PSW Vegas in September, though.

In terms of processing

This is a seven exposure tone-mapped HDR image using Photomatix Pro. You really needed to tone-map here if you had any chance of bringing out the details in the foreground mountains while also retaining the splendor of the sun and sky.

In onOne Software Perfect Effects 4, I applied Angel Glow and a custom Tone Enhancer that was applied solely to the foreground using a masking bug.

Final touches were applied in Lightroom 4.3.

[map w=”745″ h=”185″ lat=”36.42005″ lon=”-116.81221″ marker=”yes” z=”17″ maptype=”SATELLITE” 852 /]