I don’t know what it is about the word Snapshot that makes me cringe. It’s not like it’s a bad word or anything. And yet, when I think of snapshots, I immediately get turned off. I’ve never been one to bring my camera to parties or gatherings (aside from photowalks, of course). I don’t huddle my family or friends together and capture the moment. It’s just not who I am as a photographer.

At least, that’s what I thought… right up until Kodak came into my life.

This brand new puppy of mine, born on November 1st, 2012, has single-handedly redefined snapshooting for me and it is within this transcendence that I’ve found my inspiration for this week’s episode. I’ve come to realize that snapshooting is simply what we make of it. I suspect my goal is the same as most other snapshot photographers. Namely, we just want to capture fleeting memories. Kodak will likely double in size within six months and if I have any hope of capturing what he is like in his diminutive form, I’d better get crackin’! And here is where the photographer in me gets to come out and play. I get to bust out the long lenses and wide apertures and make art while forging personal memories of my little pup. I employ maneuvers like lying done prone on my stomach to get eye-level with Kodak. I sit and wait until the right time when he’s looking right at me before firing off a few frames. I play around with different exposure settings. I tighten up on his face. I factor in what is in my background and foreground. I turn my snapshots into my photographs.

Canon recently released a wonderful commercial (Canon commercial 2012 – “Inspired” :60), coincidentally titled ‘Inspired’, that illustrates the lengths that photographers will go to just to create memories that are special to themselves and I believe that no matter how you go about capturing your own memories, the importance lies in capturing them on your own terms as a photographer and loving every minute of it.

In terms of processing

You can view the entire workflow video for this image by visiting this week’s episode of onOne Software’s Perfect Inspiration.