The Story

We finished our last shooting adventure in Siem Reap, Cambodia by taking a balloon up in the air and shooting sunrise over the Angkor complex. Before heading up, the balloon operator asked if we even wanted to go up since fog had begun rolling in and Angkor Wat wouldn’t be visible. That’s where the photographer in you really needs to kick in. We were there, we had our cameras locked and loaded, and the thought of fog sounded awesome.

Inclement weather is all part of the game when trying to get shots that are different from the pack. I’ve seen tons of images taken from this balloon when the conditions were clear and perfect. I don’t really care for clear and perfect all the time. Some of my favorite images that I’ve taken were due to less-than-ideal weather conditions.

With the fog rolling in, we were instantly greeted to some gorgeous, moody atmosphere. It allowed me to really exploit the hillside and sprawling rice paddies. It also helped me really play the warmth of the foreground off of the coolness of the background. In all honesty, I couldn’t have asked for better conditions to shoot the complex. And so, we are now getting ready depart Siem Reap and return to Phnom Penh, where we will take a break and do nothing until tomorrow evening when we board the first of a three leg flight back to Portland.

In terms of processing

All stylization was actually done in Lightroom 4.3 RC. I didn’t want to change the look too much.

Because of my elevated position over the countryside, I did, however, send the image to FocalPoint 2.1 by onOne Software to add a very slight tilt look and invoke that miniature world feel.