The Story

Yesterday was Day 3 in Cambodia. We ended up visting the Choeung Ek killing fields, an area used by the Khmer Rouge to execute approximately 17,000 people between 1975 and 1979. In the middle of the fields, the history of the place is memorialized with a beautiful Buddhist stupa. Inside, you can see over 5,000 skull and bone fragments recovered from the adjacent mass graves. The land is totally pockmarked with them.

But it was in the specific timing of learning about one of Cambodia’s darker parts that made me truly appreciate the simple fortune and power I have in being able to cast a vote for who will lead my country. Whether my vote counts towards driving the actual electoral vote in my favor or not is not what I focus on. Rather, it’s that I actually have some sort of say. In my own way, I can help push the future of my country in one direction or another… and so can every other American registered voter. I am fortunate that Oregon allows for mailing in of ballots. I received mine in the mail two weeks ago and dropped it off at my local voting station the next day, so being in Cambodia hasn’t hampered that.

If you have the luxury of voting today, you truly do owe it to yourself and your country to do so. I don’t care how you vote nor do I want to know who you voted for… just vote.

In terms of processing

This is a seven exposure tone-mapped HDR image using Photomatix Pro and converted to black and white using Perfect B&W by onOne Software.

Final touches were applied in Lightroom 4.2.

[map w=”745″ h=”185″ lat=”11.484446″ lon=”104.902034″ marker=”yes” z=”17″ maptype=”SATELLITE” 940 /]