Well far be it from me to deny you. :)

After last night’s post from the main auditorium of Belchertown State School, I heard the call of my grunge muse and went on a processing kick. Here is another image from one of the adjacent hallways. As you can see, there is good reason for why this is one of my favorite places on earth. :)

I went heavy with the adjustment brush in Lightroom to dodge and burn a path in the ground – you can see it begin in the lower left of the frame and the creep through the frame. This sort of artistic freedom with digital photography is so wonderful because it allows the photographer to add elements to the story beyond what was originally there. Simple yet effective.

In terms of processing
The tone-mapping for these brackets was done in Photomatix Pro.

Global effects added were Urban Sickness and Charge More Glow. I selectively masked in Thermopylae and Cyberpunk on certain areas of the wall. All done in Perfect Effects 4 by +onOne Software.

Final touches were applied in Lightroom 4.2.

[map w=”745″ h=”185″ lat=”42.275025″ lon=”-72.415123″ marker=”yes” z=”17″ maptype=”SATELLITE” 940 /]