The Story

Expectations ran really low as soon as all of us congregated in a small office to sign our waivers before shooting around the Satsop Nuclear Facility. That weekend was the first in months with rain. The first words from our guide came in the form of warnings about our limited access and being prohibited from climbing to the top of the cooling towers. Bah!

Despite being prohibited from getting to the top, we were treated to a wonderful vantage point from an elevated position adjacent to the tower. A few of us decided to see what we could get with our cameras at this angle despite getting raindrops on the front elements of our lenses within seconds. It was a fun game of wipe, compose, shoot. But, I think we all walked away with shots that we’re really proud of.

By we, I am referring to the wacky bard of photographers – +Nicole S. Young, +Amy Heiden, +Brian Bonham, +Jeffrey Yen, +Christopher Germano, +Arno Jenkins+Tressa Crozier, and +Joe Azure.

In terms of processing

It’s all Perfect B&W here, baby. This is our newest product as part of Perfect Photo Suite 7, by +onOne Software, and I am not shy at all to proclaim how much I freaking love this product. We’ll be shipping next week and I can’t wait to see what all of you think about it.

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