I can’t begin to tell you how much fun I had at Epcot. I can tell you that I had my doubts, though. I’m not one for sentimental moments, at least not in any meaningful sort of way. But when I saw that iconic orb of Spaceship Earth as Kathy and I approached Epcot, I couldn’t help but let my inner kid gush out. It had been about 24 years since I had last been to Disney and returning was a very cathartic experience. I have Keith to thank for that one – and thanks to two of my favorite ladies, Gilmar and Barb, for sharing this amazing day with me.

As for this image. The park had all but closed for the evening. People were shuffling out in droves – but not us. Nope. Gilmar told us that we’d be staying a bit later. The girl knows her stuff. We had pretty much unfettered access to the park and because of that, I was able to get this long exposure image of Spaceship Earth. Originally, I had a shot of the ball without any obstructions and, at first, I preferred that. However, as I began walking towards the group who had already moved onto the next country, I saw this shot with s trio of palm trees silhouetting against the orb. I knew that this would be my shot. There is something so fitting here. Palm Trees. Florida. Epcot. It all fit together.

Silhouettes are wonderful when they are included with purpose. You know exactly what they are but you aren’t burdened with color or detail. You can just focus on shape and how that shape adds to the overall image. It’s something to seriously consider during your next shoots.