It seems somewhat fitting to post an image that I took with my good buddy, +Matt Kloskowski, while I’m crashing at his digs here at Kelby Media in Tampa. Matt visited Portland several weeks ago and we decided to take a trip out to the coast with hopes of shooting Thor’s Well as the ocean water gushed up and around it. Sadly, as is the case so often with landscape photography, Mother Nature had her own agenda and we never saw Thor’s Well in action. We did see Thor’s Well, mind you, but it wasn’t much beyond a big whole in the ground.

And that’s where your mind really needs to start kicking in as you begin looking for alternatives. Yes, Thor’s Well was the objective but time was ticking and we still had light in the sky. So, Matt and I sprung into action. We began hustling around (Matt even got a solid dose of ocean spray as he was standing a bit too close to a ridge) and started making new shots. Suddenly, Thor’s Well wasn’t such a disappointment. Rather than sulk over what we missed, we made the most of what we found.

Google Maps Location Info
44.27849, -124.11309

In terms of processing
This is a single exposure taken with a 3-stop ND filter on my lens. I applied a slight amount of Blue to the water and added Tonal Contrast and Green Enhancer to the ground. Finally, I masked in a bit of Golden Hour Enhancer onto the sky. All done with Perfect Effects 4 by +onOne Software.

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