Here is another detail view taken at Elowah Falls this past weekend with +Brian Bonham. Low water flow levels coupled with a blah sky brought out the need to use a longer lens with hopes that I could find some interesting detail shots. I can only imagine how much stronger these falls will be in a few months from now and on into the winter season.

The original version of this image is actually inverted, though, so that the waterfall is hugging the left side of the frame. There was something about that, however, that didn’t sit well with me. It felt like the image’s center of gravity was off. I couldn’t place my finger on it specifically but have you ever gotten that sensation when looking at your image and it just feels off?

That’s what happened here, which is what prompted me to flip it horizontally. As soon as I did that, everything fell into place. There is something subliminally pleasing about having leading lines and elements cut from the upper left to the lower right of the frame. Maybe it stems from how we learn to read… not sure. But, I do know that this was a more favorable version – at least to me. :)

This is something that you should seriously consider and keep in mind when working on images that just don’t feel right.

Google Maps Location Info
45°36’46” N 121°59’38” W

In terms of processing
Very simple processing here. A small dose of Orton Hears A Who and some Tonal Contrast painted in. All within Perfect Effects 4, part of +onOne Software‘s Perfect Photo Suite 7.

Final touches were applied in Lightroom 4.1.

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