Despite taking this image on Jan 1st, 2010, I distinctly remember it as if it was last night. I remember it because of how long it took me to find this one particular angle to shoot from. I loved the glowing zodiac sign and the word Psychic etched into the glass. Everything about it rocked. But for about 10 minutes or so, I struggled to find an angle that I liked.

I was thankful that Boston was pretty much desolate that evening and no one witnessed me hunching over and lying on my stomach, trying to get that good angle. In any case, let this post serve as a reminder that persistence is key. Just because you found a cool location or element to photograph doesn’t entitle you to getting the best angle. Keep at it and never settle.

Google Maps Location Info
42.350798, -71.056483

In terms of processing
Oh man, I don’t think I remember what I did here in terms of stylization. I know that I used PhotoTools 2.6 by +onOne Software and that it’s a tone-mapped HDR image. Beyond that, though, my memory is foggy on this one.


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