I’m not exactly sure how or why I decided on Elowah Falls yesterday. Recent shoots at waterfalls have yielded less than stellar results only because we’re so far into the summer season that the water flow from these falls is just… lacking. At least compared to what we’d expect during the rainy season and especially during Spring, when all that snow melt surges through.

Still, +Brian Bonham joined me on this impromptu shoot. We got here, set our bags down and went to business. Unfortunately, we both left feeling a bit deflated. Ultimately, it was fantastic to get out into nature and breathe in that clean air, as well as get some much-needed exercise. In the end, I got a few shots that I’m relatively happy – and for that, I’m immensely grateful. And still, when I got home, despite it all, I reminded myself that it’s the effort and exertion that counts – that’s where the muscle memory sets in and that’s what makes all this worth it.

Google Maps Location Info
45°36’46” N 121°59’38” W

In terms of processing
This is a seven exposure tone-mapped #HDR  image. I used Photomatix Pro here for this task.

I masked out the original sky, which was blue (but flat) using Perfect Mask 5 and used one of the stock sky images included in Perfect Layers 3.

Stylization was done in Perfect Effects 4, part of the new Perfect Photo Suite 7 by +onOne Software. It was a combination of the Orton Hears A Who and Tonal Contrast effects, along with a Hard Light blended Vecchio.

Final touches were applied in Lightroom 4.1.

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