Yesterday, I had some offline conversations with photographer, +Joel Tjintjelaar. Suffice it to say that Joel’s work has been the source of so much inspiration for me… and countless others, I’m sure. In any case, after having our email volley, I decided to browse through some of Joel’s collection of images. It was enough to get me to work on a simple image I took a few months back while strolling along Portland. A lot of the images that I’ve been taking recently were with the intention of developing more of my own black and white style, as it were. I’m not sure where this road leads but I love having a new side of photography to dive into now. :) Thanks, as always, for the inspiration, Joel.

In terms of processing
The black and white stylization was done exclusively in Perfect B&W by +onOne Software. I started with the Bogart effect and then tweaked some of the tone sliders to taste.

Final touches were applied in Lightroom 4.1.

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