I probably wasn’t at the top of the list for most of the people on the tour group I was with during the trip to this vineyard in Sicily back in 2010. I was in Italy for two weeks on a photo assignment and one of the items on the agenda was to do a food shoot at this vineyard (regrettably, I don’t recall the name of it). Our small crew of four piggybacked onto a tour group who was spending the day here. We just needed some b-roll and supporting images for the production.

After the hours flew by, the tour leader began herding everyone back onto the coach bus. As I made my way there, I noticed that one of the proprietors had opened the door to one of their wine cellars, revealing a gigantic room with massive barrels of wine. Mmmmm… nectar.

I had to shoot it. I mean, really?

So, I ran towards the room and had one of those fun, silly moments where I gesticulated with the owner – pointing to my camera and then into the room. She quickly realized what I had been trying to ask for and let me in. I knew that I was going to be the last one but it’s during moments like this one when the urge to get the shots becomes supreme and takes precedent over most anything else.

I ended up getting some rushed brackets and then had the tour leader telling me in a polite, but annoyed, tone that we had to go now. But still, this was a situation where I’d much rather seek forgiveness with the shots in hand. Ya just gotta get the shot, right? ;)

In terms of processing
This is a tough one since it was processed years ago in PhotoTools 2.6 by +onOne Software. I don’t even want to hazard guessing which effects were applied because I just don’t know. Maybe I’ll go back and reprocess it but for now, what I do know is that it was tone-mapped with Photomatix Pro and stylized in PhotoTools. If i had to guess, I’d say that Moulin Rouge and a tiny bit of Blue Dawn Leonidaswere used.

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