It wasn’t the craziest of days at +onOne Software, but I do recall that particular day being somewhat challenging. I was knee deep in early preparations supporting last week’s launch of Perfect Photo Suite 7 and everything surrounding it. I had some credit on Alaska Air that had to be used or else I’d lose it, so I booked a trip down to San Francisco for a long weekend to meet with +Ricardo Lagos and the amazing SF contingent. I decided to fly out in the evening so that I wouldn’t have to burn an entire vacation day.

As soon as I landed and got into Ricardo’s car, we were already hatching plans to shoot. No time to relax. No need to rest. We’ll do both of that stuff when we’re dead. I was in town.


I was in San Francisco. Shooting had to commence tout de suite. We first climbed to the top floor of some hotel in the city but, true to form, the skyline was caked in fog. I love fog but sometimes, I just want to punch fog in the throat. So, our next stop was the Bay Bridge. We hustled over and immediately knew that fun things were afoot.

With the fog being held above sea level, we were treated to a beautiful view of the expansive bridge with its lights playing off of the thick coating of moisture above. Ricardo and I immediately sprung into action, setting up tripods and collaborating on settings. We discussed ideal composition and compared results on the back of our LCDs.

After getting our share of shots, we treated ourselves to some delicious quesadillas in the Mission and only then did we allow ourselves to relax – but not before offloading our CF cards and reviewing our images again. :)

The key here is to never take your time for granted. If you have an opportunity to shoot, take it. Just take it. Even if you walk away with nothing, the experience and motion of grabbing your camera and heading out will benefit you in many ways.

Google Maps Location Info,-122.343785&spn=0.046885,0.046177&t=h&z=15

In terms of processing
Very little was done here. This is a single, long exposure that was softened with an Angel Glow in Perfect Effects 3 by onOne. I also masked in Tonal Contrast onto the little slabs in the water and onto the starbursts.

Final touches were applied in Lightroom 4.1.

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