If there is one lesson that I’ve learned in my years attending Photoshop World, it’s that you should never count on making solid plans. There are simply too many friends with even more plans being concocted that the best course of action is to simply go with the flow. You’ll certainly fall into a current and be taken out to some sea.

Today is a sterling example. About the only certain thing I knew of was waking up to a text message from +RC Concepcion telling me to meet him at the hotel diner for breakfast. That turned into a caravan of 10 or so photographers barreling away from Vegas to the ghost town of Nelson. After four or so hours of shooting and baking in the 108 degree sun, +Jacob Lucas, +Barb Cochran, +Kathy Porupski and I were cruising out to Valley of Fire to shoot a gorgeous, cloud-filled sunset.

Did I have a remote clue that this is how my day would play out? Not at all. Did I miss out on meeting up with other people who were doing their own fun things – definitely. But that’s Photoshop World and, even more so, that’s Vegas, baby!

Let the good times roll!


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